Healing – These videos bring clarity and simplicity to healing and give you easy actions that will accelerate your ability to recover and to get back to doing what you love as fast as possible.

HabitsPain sucks!  Worst of all we often do it to ourselves unknowingly through our daily habits and postures.  These crucial videos give you the knowledge to protect yourself from the most common damaging postures modern life creates.

Exercise – Learn the basics around therapeutic exercises aka “self care” in these short videos explaining how and why we stretch, mash, and roll as well and the premise behind postural strengthening exercises as they relate to recovery and great health.

Fountain of Youth Workshops (Nutrition, Movement, Mindset)
Accelerated aging is caused by physical, chemical and/or emotional stress.  These videos take an in depth look at good, better and best movement practices, nutrition practices and mindset practices to reduce stress, slow the aging process and help you further your wellness journey (freedom).