Remote Musculoskeletal Care Program

Package 3 Posture Coach Santa Barbara
  • Personalized Work Station Assessment (we will help improve any workstation from desk to sofa to floor...etc.) via email
  • Clear action steps to create a healthier workspace with additional links (if needed) to resources to meet any budget from home-made to top of the line
  • Educational videos to improve understanding and implementation
  • Live Remote consultation with Dr. Nick Araza to review postural distortions and address specific musculoskeletal imbalances responsible for a variety of symptoms
  • Live Remote follow-up to review specific postural/therapeutic exercises 

You will receive an individualized plan to improve your specific postural distortions and muscular imbalances following your consultation. The plan will include:

  1. Specific postural exercises to perform - links to videos explaining
  2. Specific therapeutic exercises to perform - links to videos explaining
  3. Specific activities to reduce/add in order to promote health & healing 
  4. Remote follow up with one of our highly trained staff (via live video conference) to review exercise form and answer questions 
  5. Bonus educational videos on general but not well known healing principles that you can incorporate to speed your healing

What you need to participate:

Digital camera with countdown timer (or another person) to take two photos of you at your workstation and your front and side standing posture

Completed musculoskeletal symptom survey

Access to one of the following remote video platforms FaceTime/Facebook/Zoom...etc.


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