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On July 4th of this year after spending the weekend at the beach in virtually no pain, I stepped from my shower and felt a searing pain from my left butt check down through my leg into the bottom of my foot. I tried ice, rolling it, ibuprofen and lastly a couple margaritas to try and dull the pain. I even missed the fireworks attempting to lie down and get comfortable. At around 11 PM I was in so much pain I asked my boyfriend to take me to the emergency room, I was admitted by 12 and was on the operating table by 8:30 the next morning. I had a herniated disc L5/S1. After surgery I was in worst pain than before and had lost feeling in my left leg. I was taking muscle relaxers and pain pills just to function. Dr Nick heard of my plight(Innate boot camp) and called me up to come in and see him. I was weary at first I did not want ANYONE to touch me let alone a doctor that is supposed to bend and crack you. I was pleasantly surprised that he just talked to me explained some things and adjusted me without contorting me and I actually felt a little better. Needless to say I have been seeing Dr Nick regularly for the last 2 months, I have no pain and complete feeling back in my leg. I feel stronger and taller than I ever have in my life. Thank you Dr Nick for being there and making a believer out of me…
Before I came under Dr. Nick’s care at Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic I had struggled with nagging injuries for years. Since committing to care I have experienced the most phenomenal physical transformation. Pains that previous doctors, physical therapists and even chiropractors had told me I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life have disappeared. I am stronger and more capable than I have ever been, and most importantly, I feel like I have no limits for the first time in my life! Committing to care with Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic is quite literally the only sure investment you can make in the world. I know I will be seeing returns for the rest of my life. If you’re on the fence, just tell yourself “I am worth it!” and commit today!
Even when I was not pregnant, I was skeptical about the benefits of chiropractic treatment. Pregnancy is definitely full of different emotions, and discomforts. Early in my pregnancy, I was extremely worried of how things would eventually go. I was already not sleeping well, my energy levels during the day were low, and I was not nearly as mobile as I normally prefer to be. Running my business requires me to be mobile, and be alert and attentive to address a client’s needs and concerns. I was beginning to stress out on the complexities of how to continue my business when I eventually got to a point when I either couldn’t work anymore, or when the baby comes and I would need recovery. I decided to see if chiropractic treatment would help. Treatments with Dr. Nick have definitely improved my situation. I am now weeks away from delivery, and I am sleeping well, I am still able to work, I am alert and am highly mobile during the day. Sometimes, I forget I am pregnant, until I see myself in the mirror, or when I try to squeeze through tight spaces. Having a place like Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic doesn’t only give someone a place to get near term relief, the team at SBFC provides really good information, in sessions and in seminars. They have made a believer that chiropractic along with other lifestyle adjustments can and will make me a healthier individual.Thanks!
I was lucky to meet Dr. Nick at a chiropractic screening in Salem, MA in 2009. I was struggling with digestion issues and was having some problems with breathing. Never once did I come right out and tell him this…it was when he checked my spine and he asked me if I had any digestion issues that I was intrigued, to say the least! My pictures speak for themselves as far as how much my posture and even my body has changed since meeting Dr. NIck; I have really dove head first into the wellness lifestyle that we teach here at SBFC. As for my digestion and breathing? Breathing is once again something I don’t need to think about (odd that it was ever any other way). A for digestion…when I met Dr. NIck I was at a point in my life where I was scared to eat anything, because everything I ate made the rest of my day miserable. I can excitedly say that that is no longer an issue, and as soon as I’m feeling like my digestion is off, I clean up my diet (based on the wellness lifestyle that we teach), and get adjusted! Knowledge is GOLD!
I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr Nick Araza at Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic since September 2011. At age 56 and a former gymnast, I have a number of issues concerning my spine and many other joints in my body. I had 2 ruptured lumbar discs, and the initial x-rays also showed me as having advanced deterioration and loss of curvature in my cervical spine. I had previously thought that I had to live with the pain and limited range of motion. However, in the past 5 months we have made significant improvements! I do not have any pain in my neck at all. My low back has intermittent pain, but I now know how to bend, reach, lift and squat in all the proper postures. When I am consistent with my good posture and tight core, I have no pain. Also, at my last physical in December, I had “grown” 1/2 inch! In October 2011 I attended an informational meeting with Dr Nick and Jen regarding the Paleo diet. That night I decided that I would give the diet a 30-day chance to win me over. I followed that plan to the letter! After 30 days, I had more energy, lost 4 pounds, was no longer bloated and no longer had acid reflux for which I had been taking medication over the past 8 years. I decided to stop taking my reflux medication, and am still off it! Along with feeling better, I have the lab reports to back up the improvements in my diet. My cholesterol ratio has dropped to a 2.9, with the normal range being 3.0-5.0. My HDL is super high, and my LDL is within the normal limits. Paleo is now a way of life, not just a diet. Dr Nick and Jen have been extremely supportive with my exercise goals as well. I am working with a trainer once a week, taking Bar Method classes 3 times a week, and taking long walks on the weekends. I still have some pounds to lose, strength to gain and improvements to make in my spine, but I am thrilled with the changes that I’ve seen over the past 5 months! I look forward to my adjustments and to seeing Dr Nick and Jen – they’ve definitely put me on the right track. Update: “Just got back from the doc for my check-up… my cholesterol has gone from 241 down to 188 in the last 3 months!!!! Thank you, Paleo Diet! (and of course, Dr Nick and Jen!)
I have been seeing Dr Nick at Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic for the past 7 months due to some extreme back issues I have had for years. As a real estate agent, we spend a good deal of our days sitting at a computer or in a car, which is really not a healthy back position to be in all those hours. Years of this practice had left me where I could barely get out of bed in the mornings, and I lived in constant pain through out each day. My family and friends all noticed my declining posture, limited movement, and the look of pain they saw in my face. All of them made comments on how I needed to see someone, as it was only getting more difficult to manage the pain and discomfort with new each day. I went to SB Family Chiropractic on my wife Jennifer’s recommendation, for an evaluation. At our first meeting Dr Nick discuss what his practice was about, and then after a few photos and x-rays, we met again a few days later to discuss my condition. The news was not good. There are 3 degrees of what is considered a healthy spine. Phase 1 is an ideal spine, Phase 2 is a spine that is correctable, Phase 3 is a spine that is no longer correctable. My lower and upper back were both Phase 2, and my neck a Phase 3. No wonder I was in such pain. After seeing my x-rays, and discussing a schedule of adjustments needed to better the alignment of my spine, I signed up for a year of chiropractic adjustments, and a healthier approached to life. I am happy to report that my back issues have greatly improved over the 7 months of working with Dr Nick. I sleep better, wake up with little to no back pain most days, and my postures has improved greatly. It did require me to commit to regularly exercising, eating better, stressing less, changing bad habits, having a more positive attitude, and getting regular adjustments. I am extremely grateful to Dr Nick and the family of staff at SBFC for giving me back my health. I came to know about Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic through Innate Body Boot Camp, who I’ve been training with since February. When we moved to our amazing new workout studio at 360 S. Hope Ave, Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic opened shortly thereafter. I took advantage of their startup special as recommended by my health coach (Dr. Nick’s brother). I had never considered Chiropractic care and never thought I needed it because my back never bothered me; I also thought that chiropractors just helped to heal injuries. I did have a plaguing ankle injury that even a specialist couldn’t heal. When Dr. Nick said he suspected my nervous system wasn’t communicating properly with my ankle I thought I’d give it a shot. I went to my appointment and got a full set of x-rays and some diagnostic type tests that I thought were pretty cool. After reviewing it turns out that I had 3 subluxations- or areas of collapsed or ill positioned vertebrae, which in turn cause damage to the nervous system. They can become very serious and irreversible….yes, both scary and surprising since my back had never bothered me! I’m about 3 months into my 8 month program and what a difference I’ve experienced! Not to mention I now have FIVE health coaches supporting me to thrive and live my best. Overall I’ve lost about 25 lbs and 7% body fat. Subluxations equal stress and stress causes your body to hang on to fat I now know. I absolutely attribute my success in weight loss to my chiropractic care because that’s when the weight really started to drop off. Overall, I feel healthy and mobile, I have no aches or pains and my ankle is completely healed. My husband is a client as well and he feels the same way after years of lower back pain. Dr. Nick and Jen are incredible, they have set the benchmark for healthy couples/people everywhere. When I say they are health coaches, it means they’ll be there every step of the way to educate you and answer any questions you have. They focus on educating their clients to aid in healthy decisions that will become lifelong practices. Their office is incredibly comfortable. It offers a kiddo area, a lending library, a sitting area for watching Dr. Nick’s recorded seminars, and of course they have all of the latest chiropractic do-hickeys. Jen, my now very dear friend, has a wonderful way with people and will make you feel right at home. I feel so lucky to have found Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic and all they have to offer. Thanks to them I look forward to a life of spinal health, happiness and fitness! Thank you SBFC!
Hi, my name is Maria I have been coming to see Dr. Nick for a little over a year. My symptoms were: SEVERE pain on my left shoulder blade o ALWAYS fatigued, Digestive problems, Lactose intolerant, Unable to eat raw vegetables, unable to digest red meat o Generally not feeling healthy what so ever, and depressed This has been going on for 12+ years…I tried everything • Went to my GP and specialist- they put me on the following medications o Oxycodone- which numbed my body and made me loopy and unable to function o Fibromyalgia Medication- that also made me a little loopy o Metamucil – as I was told “for the rest of my life” o Thyroid medication o Cholesterol medication o Anti-depression medication • Had physical therapy- that felt GREAT for about an hour • Had massage therapy- that felt wonderful, but in about a day or two I was in pain again • Event went to another Chiropractor- she had me going twice a week for two years with no change before I gave up. I thought, “This is my life, I’ll have to deal with it.” Then one day I was talking to my daughter’s brother-in-law, Devin, who is a Chiropractor in San Diego. He told me about his best friend, Dr. Nick, with whom he had gone to Chiropractic school with. He was opening his Chiropractic office here in Santa Barbara. So I called the office and scheduled my first appointment. After about three weeks into my treatments, I notice one day that I no longer had the pain in my left shoulder blade. In six months, I noticed that I was no longer as fatigued as before. Around the eight month marker, my digestive system was “almost” normal; I could eat salads and vegetables more than once a month. I could eat nuts and fruits, without my digestive system fighting back. I have even had ice cream two days in a row, with no problems. A year later, I am down to just one medication, my thyroid medication. I feel great; I have the energy to run around with my 5 & 7 year old grandchildren. I can go for long walks, stand for more than ½ hour with no pain! By sticking to the plan Dr. Nick came up with just for me, I am back to feeling normal, happy and energized. Thank you Dr. Nick, SBFC team and McMillan