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Meet Your Chiropractor and Clinic Director, Dr. Nicholas Araza

Dr. Nicholas Araza – Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Nicholas Araza, DDC, CCWP, CBP- Basic

I found chiropractic the same way many people do, in crisis looking for answers. At 20 years of age, I hurt myself lifting weights and had terrible debilitating back pain off and on for close to a year. I tried conventional health care providers, but none of seemed to be effective, and I wasn’t willing to have surgery on my spine. Having had surgery I knew that it was far from a guarantee with a lot of potential risk. Having so much pain and frustration for so long I was really able to understand a very personal level how impactful good health is. I realized at 20 that health was not just something people talk about, it was my FREEDOM. I realized that because I could no longer exercise like I wanted to; I couldn’t study or concentrate as well; my stress levels skyrocketed; I couldn’t trust my body and my quality of life deteriorated. Out of desperation I started asking anyone and anybody for ideas on who to talk to for answers. One of my professors told me I had to visit with her chiropractor. Having been to other chiropractors, I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything.

This chiropractic visit was immediately different because for the first time at any doctor’s office I was EDUCATED! I learned that there was a difference between a SYMPTOM and THE CAUSE OF THE SYMPTOM. Often in our culture we are taught that the symptom IS the problem and it should be “dealt” with, usually with some sort of treatment that takes the symptom away, while often leaving the CAUSE unaddressed. This made sense because no matter how many anti-inflammatories I took, my pain kept coming back! I learned that my back pain (symptom) was being CAUSED by nerve irritation in my spine from poorly functioning spinal joints created through the trauma of lifting weights with poor form and poor posture as a lifelong student. I learned also that this nerve irritation was also contributing to some intense digestion issues I had been dealing with for years. I am very analytical and skeptical, so I asked a lot of questions that day and in the days to come, and before long, I was feeling better than I had in years and was heading to chiropractic school with the dream of learning how to help others change their health and get their FREEDOM back in the same way…

More than 10 years later I can say “dreams do come true!” I have my dream chiropractic practice with my wife Jennifer alongside my brother Coach Andrew owner of Innate Fitness right here in Santa Barbara. Together we are helping families and athletes alike not only regain their own FREEDOM, but through education we are able to teach sustainable lifestyle habits so they can also avoid losing it in the first place and get healthier than they have ever been. We truly are a family business that helps families get healthier!!

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