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Meet Your Chiropractor and Clinic Director, Dr. Brad Johnson

Dr Brad Johnson
Dr. Brad Johnson

I found chiropractic the same way many people do, in crisis looking for answers. At the age of 21 while surfing in Kauai I had a serious surfing accident which resulted in a traumatic neck injury. Over the following couple of weeks I developed severe migraine headaches, blurred vision and facial numbness.

Reluctantly, at the insistence of my friends, I ended up in a chiropractor's office in Kapaa Kauai. Amazingly, after a few visits, I was symptom free! I didn’t understand at the time, but apparently my injury had misaligned my upper cervical spine resulting in all of my symptoms, which the doctor was able to realign with specific chiropractic adjustments. The experience changed my life!

Then, years later at the age of 28 while traveling in Bali, I ran into a chiropractor. Ironically, he was an intern in the office I previously mentioned. For the next six weeks, I shadowed Dr. Ryan while he treated a multitude of people from the surrounding areas, with amazing results!

I was so inspired that upon my return to California, I embarked on returning to UCSB for my undergrad requirements and my chiropractic training at Life West, graduating in the fall of 1988. My training was focused on the Gonstead Technique. After 35 years in practice, our focus is determining the origin of spinal and extremity problems and making accurate corrections, therefore allowing the body to heal itself.