What to Expect at Santa Barbara Chiropractic

What to Expect Under Our Care

We are driven to provide you with nothing short of the most amazing healthcare experience of your life!

Like the page indicates, we want you to have complete certainty by knowing what to expect during the first couple of visits so that you feel confident with the decision to join our practice. Therefore, please read the information below and if you still have any questions, please call our office for an answer.

New Patient Application: In order to save you time, we ask that you complete the New Patent Application prior to visiting the practice because it will save you approximately 15-20 minutes.

Consultation: In this eye-opening experience, we ask you to share any information regarding your symptoms, stressors and present limitations as well as any health goals you have. This discovery process allows our doctors to determine exactly which exams are necessary to identify the CAUSE(s) of your pain, symptoms and/or limitations.

Examination: At the conclusion of the initial Health Consultation, we will perform a complete and comprehensive chiropractic wellness examination based upon the information you provided at your  consultation. Typically, a full exam includes a detailed posture and balance analysis, thermography to assess for inflammation, range of motion, body composition and any necessary chiropractic, orthopedic or neurologic exams. If it is concluded that further examination is warranted, X-rays will be ordered and taken at that time. This comprehensive examination allows us to put together a complete picture of your physical health and identify any conditions causing your symptoms and decreasing your quality of life.

Report of Findings: This appointment is scheduled directly after your examination at our next available time (typically within 1-3 days). At your report, we will review what is causing your condition, how it is impacting your health, what type of rehabilitation program is necessary to correct it and review with your financial commitment so that you know what to expect. For those reasons, we strongly recommend that anyone you share your health concerns with attend that appointment. We then give you the opportunity to commit to changing your health by starting your care that day. We do not accept every patient, we have specific recommendations to ensure the best possible outcomes. We get excellent results with a wide range of symptoms even where other healthcare providers haven't and that is because we do things differently and we have YOU do things differently.

Corrective Rehab Programs: Our staff strives to provide you with an extremely valuable experience every time you come in for an appointment. Your doctor will want to know what's new or different with your health since your last visit. Your rehabilitation program is created by the doctor and specific adjustments are given by your doctor. Postural education, habit breaking, therapeutic exercises and spinal remodeling traction are performed by highly trained rehab staff with physician oversight in each case. We also provide online supportive education as a supplement for learning to perform exercises, stretches as well as learning important healing principles.

Ongoing Office Visits: CLICK HERE to learn what a typical visit to Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic entails.

Progress Reports: We conduct systematic objective reexaminations to assess progress, refine your rehabilitative program and improve your results. Just as with fitness, FEELNG & SEEING is BELIEVING. Along with the improvement in your symptoms, we also monitor changes happening to your body; improved posture, spinal alignment and range of motion which equals IMPROVED HEALTH!

Our overall goal is to empower you by helping you to correct your spinal and/or postural damage while giving you the necessary tools and teaching you the necessary steps to maintain the results EARNED through our program. The foundation of your health is DIRECTLY RELATED to proper spinal health, good nutrition, exercise habits and stress reduction.

We look forward to helping you earn back and/or protect the health and vitality you desire.